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BCB Fire Dragon solid fuel

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BCB Fire Dragon solid fuel

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BCB Fire Dragon solid fuel
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Fire Dragon fuel is an environmentally friendly solid fuel which
satisfies today's need for a cleaner, greener, and safer fuel source.

A collaboration between BCB International and Cardiff Uni,
FireDragon is a unique and technologically advanced solid fuel that addresses
the needs of military personnel and camping fanatics alike.
Fire Dragon Solid Fuel Tabs are easy to light, safe to carry,
and can be used in confined spaces.
On top of this FireDragon is also air-transportable.
It has the beating of the present military favourite, hexamine blocks,
which can form toxic gases and vary wildly in terms of burning performance.
Features of Fire Dragon Fuel:

Box contents: 6 x 27g cubes
Total Box weight: 178g
Burns even when wet
Suitable for extreme conditions
Easy to light
High calorific value (approx. 28,000 kJ / kg)
Non Toxic
Quick boil time (500ml in 5 mins)
Long burn time (2 for 15 mins)
Cost Efficient
Environmentally friendly
Made from natural ingredients
Clean - very little soot
Low luminosity
Easy storage
Safe to be packed with food
Can be used as a hand sanitiser (may not be suitable on sensitive skin
Air transportable - UN class 4.1, Packing class II

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BCB Fire Dragon solid fuel

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BCB Fire Dragon solid fuel


€ 3,00