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Olight UC magnetic usb charger

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Olight UC magnetic usb charger

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Olight UC magnetic usb charger
€ 14,95


The UC (Universal Battery Charger) is a universal magnetic USB charger for all single cylinder rechargeable
lithium or NiMH batteries of variable sizes.
The charger is connected to the battery through the magnetic ends.
It can recognize the battery polarities, with a maximum charging current reaching 750mA.
This product has a simplified structure resembling that of an earphone.
It also uses premium eco-friendly silicone material and tangle-free flat cable design
making it easier for storing and carrying.
UC is an excellent charging choice for outdoor use and traveling.

    USB powered with a charging current of 750mA.
    Compatible with ① lithium batteries with a rated voltage between 3.6V and 3.7V. ② NiMH batteries.
    Charging for dummies. There is no need for matching the polarities, as the charger can automatically
    recognize them when in use.
    All sizes compatible. It works perfectly on cylinder shaped batteries of variable diameters and lengths.
    Tangle-free flat cable design. Easy for storing and organizing.

compatible with:
Lith Ion: 10440-14500-16340-17670-18650-16340-26650

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Olight UC magnetic usb charger

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Olight UC magnetic usb charger


€ 14,95