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TCS 1-2 point sling (bungee)

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TCS 1-2 point sling (bungee)

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TCS 1-2 point sling (bungee)
€ 69,50

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€ 69,50


SpecterGear TCS Sling

Enhanced version of our SCS Sling and is designedto be a versatile sling that can be used in both 1 and 2 point formats

This sling address a common issue with the 1 point sling in that, while an excellent sling for dynamic entry ops, it provides no muzzle control that is needed when climbing, controlling detainees, perimeter duties, etc.

With the TCS Sling the weapon can be converted from 1 point to 2 point sling formats in seconds and back again just as easily.

What sets the TCS Sling apart from the SCS Sling is the incorporation of two key features from our Viper 1 Point Sling. The first is the addition of three (3) 3/8" wide shock cords sleeved at the rear end of the sling. These shock cords allow you to sling up a little tighter, yet easily cross shoulder transition. Not to mention the benefits of shock absorption during aggressive movement.


The second addition is a side release buckle assembly that is intended to stay attached to the weapon at all times. The female portion of the side release buckle is permanently attached to the sling itself. With the male portion of the side release buckle attached to the weapon, and the female portion attached to the sling, the sling remains wrapped around the operator's body when the release buckle is disengaged. This is the key feature of this design. If it becomes necessary to unhook the weapon from your body, such as when firing from an unconventional shooting position outside of the capabilities of the sling or something as simple, yet hazardous, as mounting/dismounting a vehicle, there isn't 3 feet of webbing trailing from the weapon. This allows the operator a much greater degree of versatility and safety.

* Emergency release buckle to get out of the sling when needed.


  • Wide, comfortable 1.5" tubular webbing across the shoulder area
  • Lightweight, but highly durable 1" Mil-W-43668 front adjuster strap
  • Quiet ladder lock front adjuster with 1" wide webbing handle and elastic retainer for storage when in the 1 point mode
  • Quiet webbing attachment point with polymer D ring conversion link
  • Three (3) 1/4" wide shock cords sleeved at the rear end of the sling
  • Steel HK type front attachment hook
  • Steel spring hook rear attachment
  • Emergency release buckle

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TCS 1-2 point sling (bungee)

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TCS 1-2 point sling (bungee)


€ 69,50